Lake of The Pines Loops

Hughes Springs Loops:DSCN1275
FM 450, FM 250, and FM 161 were the stars of morning, and provided solid reasons to see Hughes Springs, TX twice in one day. Riding as Road Captain for three days of fun, with my son as my wingman, and a group of Star 172 riders, we loaded up our significant others for a KSU at 0900 at the Lake of the Pines Lodge. A scenic loop around the Lake of the Pines, and across the dam, was followed by a run north to Hughes Springs and beyond. The southbound leg saw portions of Lone Star, TX and took us to Daingerfield State Park for a break, and a chance to fill up our camera memory chips. From Daingerfield, we had a great run into Jefferson, with mandatory fuel stop in preparation for the afternoon ride, lunch at Auntie Skinners (always excellent), and a stop at the Route 49 Biker Shop. About 144 miles before lunch, ride time was 3.5 hours with 2 stops.

The Route: FM 729 east; FM 726 to FM 450; 259 to 155; to TX 49 north-stop in Hughes Springs. Fm 161 north to TX 238 south; to 259 to 49/11 to Park Road 17 and Diangerfield State Park. Leaving the park for Hughes Springs (again), FM 250 south to 259, to old FM729 – take 729 past LOTP lodge to TX 49, and head into Jefferson.

The Gator Loop
FM 449 and FM 2208 were the goals on leaving the Route 49 bikers emporium, for a 110 mile loop that includes gator feeding and some DSCN1304of the best roads in the area. Seeing the gators at Gator Park and Petting Zoo was worth the nominal fee, but for the rest of the “zoo”, well, skip out after the gators are fed. The rest of the loop runs from Karnak to Marshall to Diana, back east to Jefferson, then 729 back to base. Even in heat or cold, these are some riding beauties. Ride time about 2.5 hours.

The route: TX 134 out of Jefferson to the Park Road that runs into Caddo Lake. Leaving the Gator park, back north to TX 43; loop 390 around Marshall; FM 449 to 259 north; TX 154 east to FM 2208 just beyond Harelton, TX; to 59, then 49, then 729 to base.

Pittsburg Loop
Find FM 557 out of Lone Star and head to Pittsburg for breakfast. You can take the same way back, or find the other hidden gem in the area and take that back to Lone Star, or as we did, continue on east back to Dallas. And traffic. And work. And….we. are. coming. back.

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