Nash Scrambler FV

Last I saw the only remaining Nash Scrambler FV, it was still Sail Blue (yep, that is a Rustoleum color – and I love it) and it was still running with Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing (CVAR) in 2018.  I had the pleasure of driving it for a number of years, below, eventually selling it in 2009.

TDR Wilt Nash Scrambler FV TWS CVAR

#39 Tired Dog Racing, Nash Scrambler FV, TWS, mid-2000’s    Driver: J. Wilt

The original fiberglass was green gelcoat, as evidenced by the photo below.  As recently as 2018, I can confirm the original body is still on the car, still green under the blue.  This is the earliest documentation of the #38 Nash Scrambler Formula Vee at Texas World Speedway.  Driver and builder Weldon Nash is at the wheel.

TDR Wilt Nash Nash Scrambler FV TWS early years 20190314

#38 Nash Racing, Nash Scrambler FV, TWS, 1970’s     Driver W. Nash

The photo captures TWS at one of the earliest races – the pit fencing is not complete!

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