About TDR

What started out as a foraTired Dog racing FVy into auto racing of some sort, grew from participation with Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing (CVAR) driving a 1959 TR3.

That morphed into a full on attempt to make it to the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) National Runoffs in Formula Vee.

TDR Roadstar Jeff WiltToday, the adrenaline rush has been replaced by motorcycle touring.  TDR should  live on, as the family has all participated at some point in each venture, so the TDR #39 will be maintained as we pursue the designation of “The Roadmasters”.  I’ll share our favorite routes, destinations, and riding experiences.  In addition, I have developed a keen interest in ghost murals of Texas – which can turn into another reason to ride!

2 Responses to About TDR

  1. do come back to pilot point TDR….Saturdays are best…although lowbrows is open often on sunday afternoons now. Magnolia station is a terrific place for lunch…Saturdays. 🙂 Justine

    • tdtravels says:

      thanks for the suggestion, and glad someone found the TDR blog. When I posted that, I had hoped to find your gallery – or a chance to see some of your other work.

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