FM 965 and the Willow City Loop

It is our favorite part of the state, for reasons ranging from life friends that share their fabulous land with our family, to the raw geology of the area, and, then to the roads.  Three days, no schedule, and no fixed destination beyond this, the starting point.

FM 965  will run you right up to Enchanted Rock.  Having climbed it several times in the past, we elected a drive by, and dodging the cattle, headed straight to the Willow City Loop, south of the intersection of Hwy 16 and FM 965.



The Willow City Loop – The sign for the loop gives a rider notice of about 150 feet, and we knew what we were looking for, and still had to u-turn.  The miles of this loop are public road through all private land, largely unfenced.




Breathtaking, even for those that know the area.  Second gear all the way, simply to sense all you can.  It traverses all of the elevation that you see as you turn in.




The Boot Fence – We found this art near the south end of the Loop.

In the early morning sun, it screamed for a camera better capable of capturing the image.

All this, before breakfast in Fredericksburg, TX.

The Route:  Out of the metroplex west, to Highway 16; Hwy 16 south to Llano.  Hwy 16 south to FM 965, harass the cattle, then south to the Willow City Loop.  Hwy 16 south to Fredericksburg.

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