Dairy Palace 2012- Why We Ride

Dark and drizzly is not the best start to a 250 mile ride into east Texas.  No way were we cancelling – after me giving grief to those that cancel rides on “threat of rain” in the past.  The planned 6 bikes crowded under the canopy at the meet location, with smart phones open to local weather radar, and 5 of the 9 riders were already in rain gear (the rest were thinking about it). Since it is “all about the adventure”, we took off at 0800, rain and all.  After 5 miles, it turned out to be cloudy, cool(ish) and dry the rest of the day.  I was able to share some of my favorite roads: FM 779, FM 17, TX 110, FM 1255.

And we ate at THE Dairy Palace in Canton, after visiting THE bicycle fence in Golden, TX.

Why do you find and support a riding group, and why does it mean sooo much?  Some examples.  Our newest member (welcomed, HD and all!), brought his 10 year old daughter as his passenger and hand signal relay-person – for her first long ride with Dad.  It was the triumphant return ride for one of the ladies, after a 1-year hiatus due to surgery – on her own brand new Yamaha 950.  And the Lord blessed us with open roads, light traffic, and fellowship at each stop – on the way to a destination to which I have traveled, with my son on his own ride.

The Route:  PGBT; TX 66; FM 551; TX 276; US 69: FM 779; FN 17: TX 110; FM1255.  Home TX 64, FM 47, TX 276

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