Open Road Murals

If you leave the interstate highways, and ride the FM (Farm to Market) roads in Texas, you beginto see a lot more of this great State.  Areas, people and events that just don’t make the Things-To-Do-This-Weekend-List in your local paper.  You also begin to see the truth behind the pictures and articles documenting many areas that were “left behind” when the interstate bypassed a community.  Route 66, the OSR, the Bankhead Highway – for that matter, even TX 66.

If you go one step further, such as turning off your favorite FM road, and riding through the downtown area or stopping at the local Feed Store, you can see yet another, deeper, level of the State.  If you could make the commute each day, you would gladly live in many of these areas.

And one last treasure awaits – murals.  Murals and advertisements, old and new.  The murals speak to me, and a desire to document those that we find through serendipity has added a new dimension to ride planning.  We leave enought time to photograph, and possibly ask about, those murals that cross our path.

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