Open Road Murals – Eve

What a surprise to see this on a Sunday in downtown Pilot Point, TX.  What had me circle the block was simply the beauty of the woman, and right on the heels of that was the hand and apple – it was Sunday, after all.

From the road, it appeared to have been in place for many years, and unfortunately all the businesses were closed at the early morning hour.  With no way to ask about it, and no eatery to open in which to try to ask a local about the history of it, we settled for a pic.  The rest of the story, from a quick internet search, is pretty interesting.  I share the following summary, provided by others.

” For 28 years, Wes Miller has owned Farmers and Merchants Art Gallery in Pilot Point, Texas. In 2003, he commissioned local artist Justine Wollaston to design and paint a mural on the outside of the gallery. The finished work depicted a large hand pointing at an apple and a classical female nude on the other side contemplating the same apple. Wollaston said the mural depicted her interpretation of the Biblical narrative of Eve at the moment she made the choice to partake of the forbidden fruit.

Shortly after the mural was completed, Pilot Point police served Wes Miller with written notice that the mural violated a Texas law criminalizing the display of “harmful material” to minors.”

Go figure.  For additional information, you can search “pilot point murals” or “Dwight Wesley Miller v. City of Pilot Point”.  Or even better, go take a look!

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